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A Bad Day for Bradford and Jamie

Hey NoSleep community (and possibly some other random visitors),

Wait, that's impossible, how did he know I came from NoSleep?

Well, if you're visiting my site today, you probably listened to the latest episode of The NoSleep Podcast which features my story 2,300 Steps (i.e. bad day for Jamie) or you just came from the NoSleep subreddit after reading my latest story... deep breath in... I’ve been hypnotizing neighborhood kids with psychedelics for the last 17 years. Tonight, I went too far. (i.e. bad day for Bradford).

Realistically, we'll give that last one a snappier title at some point.

Long story short, thanks for liking my stories enough to stop by my website. I'm currently querying agents for my debut novel, a thriller called THE X and just finished writing the first draft of a new comedy-horror novel that we'll refer to as A CHORT STORY for now.

Take a look around on my stories page for more or check out my brand shiny new Phantom Fevers YouTube.

To stay updated on my stuffs, sign up on the home page.

Thanks again! Keep in touch.

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