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There is a God: The Birds Found My Feeder

Well, after eight months of having five different kinds of bird feeders setup in my backyard, we had our first visitors. First visitors I'm aware of. Granted, I don't spend all watching it, so some may have slipped through the cracks. A little family of House Finches. God bless them.

Now that winter is rapidly approaching, meaning natural food is becoming more scarce, we're bound to become a regular hangout for other birds, right? I hope so.

This week I'm chugging away on my untitled comedy-horror novel that I'll refer to as Chort. I'm about 60% done with the first draft and am learning a lot about Slavic Demons and the Occult. And Russian Oligarchs. And dying malls. And TV Mediums.

I'm also finishing up a book cover for my debut novel, THE X. Once that's done, I'll be looking for reviewers! If you're interested in getting an ARC (advanced review copy for those not in the know), please let me know at rdw1206@gmail (dot) com.

I've done a few story adaptions on my brand spankin' new Youtube channel. LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE ///

Other things as of late:

Podcast: The Last Podcast on the Left - I'm in the middle of the last installment of their six part series on Mormonism. If you've ever been a Mormon, or are familiar with the religion, prepare to be absolutely blown away. If you're currently a Mormon and want to stay that way, avoid this series at all costs.

Music: Better Oblivion Community Center - Conor Oberst's (Bright Eyes) new project. I haven't listened to Bright Eyes since high school, but this new album is very well timed with the changing weather.

Movies: Rosemary's Baby - I feel like so many classic horror films are kinda like yeah I can see how this was cool at the time, but I'm bored as hell. Rosemary's Baby, however, did not disappoint. That slow burn with that ending... Mmm yeah. AND it's on Hulu.

Books: The Institute by Stephen King; The Abyss by Steve Vance.

Thanks so much for reading! Please share this newsletter, buy a book, or share my stories! You can also subscribe to my newsletter here, or on YouTube.

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