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A Demon's Guide Book Cover Kindle.jpg


$0.99 on Amazon; Comedy-Horror; 300 pgs; 2022


For fans of: HEREDITARY and/or DUMB & DUMBER

What would you do with a billion dollars?

Jeremy was a promising kid growing up. Bright, bright future. But then somewhere along the lines, he lost motivation for anything worthwhile.

Now he finds himself working in a dying mall, fixing smartphones for a living. He has a broken arm, a very one-sided relationship with the cute girl that runs the Green Tea kiosk down the hall, and crippling case of chronic boredom.

Little did he know that just a couple days later, he would have $250 million sitting in his bank account courtesy of HELL.


On the other side of the world, but mostly just down the hall in the vacant JCPenneys space, a Trump-obsessed Russian oligarch, an aging TV medium, and two Soundcloud metalheads are conducting a seance. One that will bring them love, fame, fame, and fame, respectively.

The seance works just after the group decides to call it quits for the night, leaving a vulnerable demon discoverable to anyone who might happen to stumble into the empty store.

And someone does.

A severely bored cellphone repairman named Jeremy. CHECK IT OUT >


$2.99 on Amazon; Action/Adventure; 229 pgs; 2020


America, abandoned.
Environmental and economic turmoil forces the United States to consolidate its borders, leaving nearly 2/3 of the country abandoned. One year after moving from Colorado to New Mexico to comply with the Sunbelt Relocation Act, Leo Kline gets the itch to explore abandoned America and convinces his wife, Nova, to join him. After a surreal day walking the deserted downtown Denver streets and skiing the untracked Rocky Mountains without seeing another soul, the Kline’s come face to face with the unsettling truth: abandoned America isn’t abandoned after all. Leo learns that those left roaming the empty cities and towns of America are extremely dangerous and that he may hold the key to dismantling their sinister agenda. CHECK IT OUT >

2,300 STEPS

$0.99 on Amazon; Horror; 25 pgs; 2018


It all started with an innocent Christmas gift...
Sam Kline went above and beyond this Christmas, splurging for an Apple Watch for his wife Jamie. After a couple days of exploring the bells and whistles the smartwatch has to offer, Jamie uncovers something that she thought was in her past forever... She's been sleepwalking again. As the winter progresses, the sleepwalking continues, and so do weird things around town. CHECK IT OUT >

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