Cardon Community Pool

My friends and I restored a community pool. Now apparently it's the year 2020.

The Snow Globe

Little Braden brought an interesting show-and-tell. Now someone's dead.

The World Isn't Flat, But It Isn't Round Either

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2,300 Steps.

Jamie Kline's brand spankin' new Apple Watch is telling her she's sleepwalking in the night.

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Voice of God.

Jed has a run-in with God in the computer lab.

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Mr. Creeps

Anything For Fame.

A man will do anything his fans tell him to.

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**3rd place in Short Scary Stories' 250k Subs Contest**

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Win or Die.

A dying billionaire will do anything to feel that sweet feeling of victory one more time.

A Bad Investment.

After getting a large inheritance, a man starts a business capitalizing on the coming collapse of humankind.

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The Essential Oil That Sells Itself.

A grandma accidentally gets her family high on purpose.

The Big Room

A man's recurring dream drives him to suicide 20 years later.

My Pastor Lied About His Near Death Experience

The Basement Sessions.

I’ve been hypnotizing neighborhood kids with psychedelics for the last 17 years. Tonight, I went too far.

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Drink to Forget

Some nights we don't want to remember, like when you accidentally kill your entire extended family on Thanksgiving.

We All Have That Uncle.

What happens when everyone has finally had enough of that stereotypically overly-opinionated uncle?

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**Winner of Short Scary Stories' Thanksgiving Contest**

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A Moo-ving Love Story.

A young man goes above and beyond to ensure that no one feels left out on Valentines Day.

The Radio Static Challenge.

An innocent attempt at mindfulness creates a viral internet craze. 

Follow the Bodies to Joe's Diner.

A man relies on creative marketing techniques  to support his ghost town diner.

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