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From Tillson Press, February 12th, 2019

Warning: This story contains graphic descriptions of animal violence.


TILLSON — On Monday morning, fifteen farmers in Rock County woke up to scenes of horror in their fields. Hundreds of cattle were slaughtered in what appeared to be a deliberate overnight attack.


“As soon as I stepped out the door, I could smell something was wrong,” Cattle Farmer Jed Reeder told reporters. Reeder’s two-hundred-acre farm on Highway 32 is home to 130 cows. He estimates that 80 of them were killed.


In addition to Reeder’s farm, an estimated 1,600 acres of farmland were affected, including the killing of approximately 650 cows.


The animals were apparently killed in a similar fashion, with stomachs sliced open and internal organs pulled out. The incisions appear to have been made with a knife, ruling out wildlife attacks.


Rock County police have announced partnerships with the Department of Homeland Security and other Quad Counties Police Departments in pursuing leads.


“To be able to pull a stunt like this off overnight without being noticed means that the perpetrators had to act very quickly and efficiently,” Sargent Dave Carroll told the press yesterday. “The sheer volume of the attack implies that this was much more than a prank. This was a calculated, premeditated, senseless act of terrorism on our animals.”

When asked what leads the department had, or how many people could have been involved, Sargent Carroll shared his dismay. “We are working around the clock to bring this community answers.”




From Tillson Press, February 15th, 2019

Warning: This story contains graphic descriptions of animal violence.


TILLSON — The Rock County horror continued Valentine’s Day as thousands of households in the Quad Counties area woke up to packaged cow hearts on their doorsteps. The hearts are believed to belong to the cows killed in Rock County on Monday.


In a press conference yesterday afternoon, Sergeant Carroll provided graphic new details indicating a possible motive for Monday’s cattle killings.


“It is believed that the hearts delivered to households across the Quad County area this morning were cow hearts taken from the farms on Highway 32 involved in the Monday killings. The hearts were packaged in red gift boxes with silver bows tied across, presented as Valentine’s gifts. While we still don’t know much about the perpetrators, we can confirm that the recipients of the hearts were all widowed women in the Quad Counties area. The packages were hand delivered with no return addresses. Names of the recipients were handwritten. Based on the calls we have received so far, we believe that approximately 300 of these packages have been sent out.”


Authorities caution that if you receive a red package with a silver bow as described above, to not open it, and to report it to authorities immediately.



From, February 15th, 2019

@rward010: let us not forget all those with broken hearts this valentines day

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