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“Are you ok?” I asked.

Jamie paused. “Do you remember me getting up in the night?” She asked in between sobs.

“No, I didn’t wake up once.”

“Think really, really hard.”

I did. I looked back at the cot and the bell dangling from the doorknob. There is no way she could’ve climbed around the cot without bumping me. 

“No babe. You didn’t leave that room.”

She put her hands in her lap and sobbed again. 

“I took a sleeping pill,” she said.

“Well, yeah, of course you’re not gonna remember anything.”

“I just want it to stop!” She said, the sobs picking back up.

She showed me her sleep stats on her watch. She had been awake again that night, for almost two hours. She recorded nearly 2,300 steps.

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2300 steps ipad cover.png

2,300 Steps: A Horror Short Story About Smartwatches, Sleepwalking, and Unicorns

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