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Alright you guys- my latest book, A DEMON'S GUIDE TO EARLY RETIREMENT, is officially out!!! Imagine if HEREDITARY met up with DUMB & DUMBER at an abandoned mall and were given a billion dollars to use however they wanted. If that last sentence made no sense, then you probably need to read the book. For $0.99.

Q: Is this book scary like your stories?

A: It's like a comedy-horror, so there are some horror elements to it, but it's mostly a lighthearted story.

Q: What inspired the book?

A: Thanks for the question. Honestly, it started from a single idea: What would I do if I was randomly given one billion dollars? What would YOU do? The story sort of grew around that central question.

Q: Should I buy it?

A: Yes! And tell all your friends!


I'm working with beta readers on my latest book, POP. 0001 coming sometime in the general future idk.

My story, THE BASEMENT SESSIONS, was recently adapted by the award-winning NoSleep Podcast. As was THE RADIO STATIC CHALLENGE.

My first novel, THE X, is available on Amazon for $2.99

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