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I'm getting ready to publish a new novel, a comedy-horror called A DEMON'S GUIDE TO EARLY RETIREMENT coming early 2022. Sign up to get updates.

I'm working with beta readers on my latest book, POP. 0001 coming sometime in the general future idk.

My story, THE BASEMENT SESSIONS, was recently adapted by the award-winning NoSleep Podcast. As was THE RADIO STATIC CHALLENGE.

My first novel, THE X, is available on Amazon for $2.99 ↓

America, abandoned.


Environmental and economic turmoil forces the United States to consolidate its borders, leaving nearly 2/3 of the country abandoned.


One year after moving from Colorado to New Mexico to comply with the Sunbelt Relocation Act, Leo Kline gets the itch to explore abandoned America and convinces his wife, Nova, to join him.


After a surreal day walking the deserted downtown Denver streets and skiing the untracked Rocky Mountains without seeing another soul, the Kline’s come face to face with the unsettling truth: abandoned America isn’t abandoned after all. 


Leo learns that those left roaming the empty cities and towns of America are extremely dangerous and that he may hold the key to dismantling their sinister agenda